Team Members

Jacob De Loa

I am an Electrical Engineering undergraduate student at San Diego State University.  I am from Murrieta, California and my passion for mathematics and science sparked at an early age when my dad showed me how to build my first circuit.  Today I enjoy designing circuits and experimenting with new technologies.  I am both hardware and software oriented with interest in DSP, modulation techniques/schemes, PCB Design, schematic layouts, and embedded systems programming. I am willing to create new firmware and modifying existing firmware to fit unique project needs and configurations.  Eventually I would like to work on designing digital communications systems including space-based military and commercial systems, and wireless radio systems. Our senior design project idea is a communication system meant to help drivers park their vehicles in their garages, and has an interesting take on the future of home automation.  After I graduate I will be working as an Associate Software Engineer for Northrop Grumman before starting my M.S. in Electrical Engineering. In my down time in San Diego, I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, kneeboarding, and hanging out with my friends and family.


Tom Jimenez

Hello my name is Tom Jimenez and I am a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering student at San Diego State University. I am originally from Palm Springs, California but moved to San Diego to pursue my aspiration to become an Engineer. Engineering, to me, has always been an exciting and changing field of study that is future-orientation. I am interested in the hardware aspect of Electrical Engineering which includes VLSI design and DSP. I am currently looking for employment opportunities for post graduation but I eventually want to work for a space-based company such as JPL or SpaceX designing digital hardware and signal processing. When I’m not studying for an exam or doing homework, I like to explore San Diego especially coffee shops and thrift stores.


Sara Kouyoumjian

Hi! My name is Sara and I am an Electrical Engineering student at San Diego State University. I am from Torrance, CA but I moved to San Diego in Fall 2016 to start my degree. I chose Electrical Engineering because I have always had a passion for finding solutions to real life problems. My interests in the field include Embedded Systems, Digital Design, Integrated Circuit Design, and Communications. I am excited for this project because it will combine all the things learned in my undergraduate classes. After I graduate I will be starting full time at Northrop Grumman and will be working on my Master’s Degree part time. In my free time I enjoy yoga, hiking, and hanging out with my friends.


Jordan Trinh

Hello there! I am a native to San Diego, California who’s journey has led him on a path to Electrical Engineering at San Diego State University. Interested in the areas of biomedical devices and integrated circuit design, my goals are to use the knowledge I’ve gained to innovate and design new devices that could help folks with disabilities and advance medical technology. Ideally I would like to work on projects to create robotic prosthetics or devices to assist with patient rehabilitation. Outside of education, I enjoy training martial arts, practicing archery, skimboarding at the beach, and going out with friends for milk tea boba.